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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Football Season & Dog CHIC DNA Blood Draw

OK, so this post doesn't exactly start off dog related, but even doggy parents need a bit of fun here and there.

Last night we had pre-season tickets to the Seahawks vs. Bronco's football game. The seats were INCREDIBLE (courtesy of a friend who has season pass tickets).

Once they got warmed up, the game was pretty exciting and the Seahawks did a nice job.

The Chicago Bears are in town in a few weeks and we probably could have had tickets to that came as well. Imagine my dumb luck when I looked at the calendar and realized I had booked an out of town judging assignment for that weekend. Ah, I was sooooo disappointed when I saw that! For those that don't know, I'm originally from Chicago and a Chicago sport's team fanatic....ugh, I'm still kicking myself!

OK, on to the doggy portion of this blog.

Today Rouge showed in Conformation and to say she got dumped is an understatement. Seriously, it was clear the judge had written her off immediately as he didn't even watch her during the go-arounds, but literally turned his back to look at the other dogs. Oh well, Ru had fun and she showed well. We already have a plan for the future and regardless of what the judge may think, she'll always be #1 to me.

She's been staying at Angel's during this weekend of showing so today after she was done and saw me, she could NOT contain herself and spent a good 5 minutes ferociously licking me to death. What an amazing feeling to know that as much as she loves Angel and has fun at her home, she is ecstatic to see her Mom : ) Rouge is very happy to be home and gave each dog a very warm greeting and has been cuddling up with each of them this afternoon while I've been watching movies.

Ok back to at the Conformation show, they had a CHIC DNA blood draw for Dalmatians. Apparently this is the last year the Dalmatian Club of America will be paying for the draws and I had committed to bringing Rouge over. It was suggested I also bring Pinky over as they get just as much genetic information from the old dogs as the new ones, so Pinky came along for the vein poke as well.

I'll admit that I'm pretty wrapped up in performance and aren't as up to speed with the local Dalmatian Club as I probably should be. The local club is VERY warm and inviting and has openly welcomed me and Angel and has been very supportive as well. So besides supporting the DNA blood draw, I also donated 3 hours of Agility lessons to their Auction to help raise money.

As a way of supporting the local Dalmatian Club, I also told them that I would be happy to sponsor a meeting at my home and do an Agility introduction & skill learning workshop so new Agility Dalmatian folks can give it a try. This is my way of supporting my breed and to give back to the dog community in a way that is passionate to me.

I'd like to challenge each of you to do something for your breed each year. The last several years I've donated to both Dalmatian & Border Collie rescue, but this year I'm taking a more active role and doing something personally.

What will you do to support your breed or pet?

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